ArteLia Consultancy

ArteLia is a modern and contemporary consultancy service providing collections, private and corporate, a direct link to contemporary art world.


Acquiring art has a potential to transform your life offering a unique experience of intellectual, aesthetic and emotional reward. Art collecting is a lifelong passion that enriches and brings happiness into our daily lives. In today’s busy world it is important to take time and enjoy art that evokes and stirs positive emotions.


At ArteLia, we are passionate about guiding and advising our clients through planning, forming and sustaining collection of art. We work closely with our clients to ensure the works offered are in harmony with their vision.


We will research and advise on artworks based on clients’ specification. With many years of experience and extensive network of professional connections, we will source works from artist studios, art dealers, galleries, auction houses.


We are based in London and Monaco, and visit major international art fairs and exhibitions regularly.


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